#SeeingOrange Update #16

The following is to provide you with information of what to expect on Route 1 in Biddeford this upcoming week. Please note that this is a projected schedule of what to expect and is subject to change due to weather, work progress and/or other circumstances.


Route 1/ Elm Street: Sewer separation project, which consisted of the installation of a new sewer pipe. A new water main, and valves, were also installed by Maine Water in this location. The final pavement is also complete.

Jefferson St.: A new water main was installed on Jefferson.

SeeingOrangeFuture Works:

Route 1: Only the construction of flow channels and clean up remain.

Jefferson: Sewer Work

Install new sewer line from Main St. to Center St. began August 10th, completed week of 17th. Then after prep for final pavement will begin, with traffic directed by flaggers and signage.

Adams St.: Sewer Work

New storm drain crossing Adams beside City Hall begins week August 17th. This project should be completed in 2 days.

Maine DOT Jefferson/ Adams Paving:

August 10th construction conference was held to release details. August 18th the preparation for pavement work will begin on Adams, from Main to Jefferson, as well as Jefferson, from Main to Alfred.

Milling will begin August 20th, and the pavement process will be started August 27th, on these days the roads will be closed.

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