Adopt-a-Park Wants You!

Spring will be here soon and what better way than getting directly involved in beautifying your local community? Heart of Biddeford  in concert with the City has an “Adopt a Park” program, and we’re  always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to help us care for our 12 urban parks.

Individual volunteers, neighborhood groups and local businesses donate hundreds of hours each year for cleanups, plantings, weeding and other essential projects that help our parks thrive as centers for relaxation and recreation for the whole community.

You are in the perfect position to provide valuable service to your neighborhood while nurturing your connections to the community. No experience required, Biddeford Adopt a Park is here to provide guidance and support to anyone interested in helping us with our mission.

For more information about how you or your organization can adopt a park, or just volunteer occasionally, please contact Taylor Carter, an Americorp Vista serving through the Heart of Biddeford. 

Riverwalk – *adopter pending

Mechanics Park- *adopter pending

Liberty Park- Union Church

Shevenell Park- Leah Schaffer

315 Main- McArthur Library

Cannon Plaza- Holly Culloton

Washington Street School Park- Joan Brooks, Holly Culloton

Canopy Park-

Pierson’s Lane Playground & Garden- Holly Culloton, Master Gardeners Project

Foav Court-

Williams Court- Joshua McCauley

Clifford Park- Catherine Glynn and Friends of Clifford Park

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