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Wondering what the candidates for mayor and city council think about the downtown’s role in Biddeford’s future? On October 15, an email/letter was sent from Heart of Biddeford to each of the Biddeford mayor and city council candidates, inquiring if they would be willing to reply to two questions related to the downtown. They were told that their first 250 words would be included without any edits. Please check out their responses below. Thank you to all who replied!

Here are the questions: What role does the downtown play in Biddeford’s future economic and community development? And, how would you describe the City’s role in helping that future come to be?
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After a long, dreary winter, summer has finally blessed Maine. With the end of July approaching quickly, many beloved and quintessential summer pastimes are already underway.  From backyard baseball games, to family barbecues, the season of sun is all about carefree fun. The only thing you should be worrying about this summer is how much sunscreen you need.

Fortunately, the Biddeford School Nutrition is sponsoring the USBA Summer Food Service Program. Free meals (yes, free!) will be provided to all children 18 and younger, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability at meal sites across the city. Read below for sites and meal times.

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In many communities across the country, there are concerns about parking in the city’s core, usually with as many opinions as there are people! The Heart of Biddeford wishes to add to the community conversation about downtown parking and parking meters, drawing upon the results of the City of Biddeford’s 2012 Parking Study as well as our own 2015 parking survey.

First, check out this youtube video that talks about HOB’s parking survey that we conducted in late winter of 2015.

The City’s 2012 Parking Study included an inventory of existing downtown parking, a projection of future parking needs and an economic analysis. The study had several conclusions that we wish to highlight:

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Good things continue to happen along the RiverWalk! Here’s a long-awaited update!

Wayfinding Signage
RiverWalk wayfinding signage has been installed in both Biddeford and Saco, based on the overall plan developed by Brad Woodworth of Woodworth Associates, in conjunction with staff from both cities.  Their purpose is to direct visitors from the RiverWalk to the downtowns, and from the downtowns to the RiverWalk. Check out the distinctive lettering and colors when you have a chance.

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Are you enjoying the new mural at 265 Main Street, created by artist Julie Gray? She painted geometric shapes to form a backdrop for a monkey on a penny-farthing (bike). The monkey has an apple on his head. It’s a whimsical message about healthy living that adds a bit of beauty downtown.  Continue reading…

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