Sometimes all you need is a little healthy competition. And maybe in order to win a healthy competition, you need calculated and subtle sabotage. All is fair in love and war, or at least all is fair in an intra-office exercise throwdown.

On April 11th, the Heart of Biddeford office officially entered into our “Excise Office Throwdown.” The throwdown is an eight week exercise competition that pits once friendly co-workers against each other. Each week, an office member can earn a maximum of five points. These points are won by a co-worker who achieves their weekly self-selected goal, with the difficulty of goals increasing each week. On the eighth week, points will be calculated, and a winner will be crowned.

Personal goals range anywhere from eating kale salads to sleeping eight hours a night. As an office, we have committed to increasing healthy snacks, taking walking meetings, and using alternative methods to get to work, like walking or biking.

Although as an office we are committed to supporting each other during this eight week competition, no one has forgotten that only one person can be crowned the true victor. “I want to win,” says office manager Catherine Glynn, “I really need this right now.” Unfortunately for Glynn, she is currently tied with volunteer coordinator Katie Labbe for second.

Executive director Delilah Poupore has stayed strong each week, and maintains the position as projected winner unless Glynn or Labbe make a quick surge. Labbe is doubtful of earning the top spot. “Honestly,” explains Labbe, “I have asthma, so I’m just trying my best.”

The air of competition has shrouded the HOB office, and although only one person can proudly place the trophy upon their desk, everyone in the office has won by making healthier choices.

At Heart of Biddeford, we love the start of a new semester at University of New England. Only 4.3 miles from downtown, this fast growing university has a constant supply of eager undergrads looking to volunteer and intern at our events and office.

Just in the current 2016 spring semester, we have three UNE business interns working on unique projects that range from marketing campaigns to downtown business enhancement. Our UNE interns, Cameron Madore, Mason Riley, and David Spry, are using knowledge gained in the classroom to help in our downtown. What better way to experience the business world than from real small business owners. Make sure to check our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date with our interns’ projects as they progress through the semester!

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