Seeing Orange

Here’s the first installment of #SeeingOrange, a blogpost about construction in the downtown between (approximately) April 24-June 30. This is the information Heart of Biddeford has gathered from the City of Biddeford. We will update timelines as more information comes in!

Although it will seem like one large project, there are actually four separate projects coming up.

Project 1: Paving Prep, Started April 24 through approximately May 1
Maine Water is fixing and preparing their shut offs and gate valve boxes for upcoming paving operations. Since the work takes place in isolated locations along Main Street, traffic is routed around the sites.

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On August 18, the Maine DOT paving contractor began set up work for the paving of Adams Street from Main Street to Jefferson Street and Jefferson Street from Main Street to Alfred Street. A layer of old pavement was milled off of both streets on August 20. A shim layer of paving was installed at several locations on Jefferson Street on Monday August 24. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, August 25, 26, and 28 structures will be adjusted to the final paving elevation. Both streets are currently planned for final paving on Friday, August 28, weather permitting. Email Rick Hambleton at MDOT field office for details.

Traffic Patterns

Traffic will be directed by project flaggers and signage.

Generally, it is anticipated that Jefferson Street and Adams Streets will be closed to traffic during the paving portions of the work and traffic flow on adjacent incoming streets will likely be affected.

Seek alternate routes. Follow the detour signs.

The following is to provide you with information of what to expect on Route 1 in Biddeford this upcoming week. Please note that this is a projected schedule of what to expect and is subject to change due to weather, work progress and/or other circumstances.


Route 1/ Elm Street: Sewer separation project, which consisted of the installation of a new sewer pipe. A new water main, and valves, were also installed by Maine Water in this location. The final pavement is also complete.

Jefferson St.: A new water main was installed on Jefferson.

SeeingOrangeFuture Works:

Route 1: Only the construction of flow channels and clean up remain.

Jefferson: Sewer Work

Install new sewer line from Main St. to Center St. began August 10th, completed week of 17th. Then after prep for final pavement will begin, with traffic directed by flaggers and signage.

Adams St.: Sewer Work

New storm drain crossing Adams beside City Hall begins week August 17th. This project should be completed in 2 days.

Maine DOT Jefferson/ Adams Paving:

August 10th construction conference was held to release details. August 18th the preparation for pavement work will begin on Adams, from Main to Jefferson, as well as Jefferson, from Main to Alfred.

Milling will begin August 20th, and the pavement process will be started August 27th, on these days the roads will be closed.

SeeingOrangeThe pavement process on Elm street is finished.

The roadwork on Adams and Jefferson are set to begin the week of July 27th.

The process will begin with pit tests, which will preempt the installation of a new sewer line. The sewer line is set to be installed the week of August 2nd or the week of August 9th.

On Aug 3 a new cross pipe will be installed on Adams St., will take a couple of days.

SeeingOrangeThe following is to provide you with information of what to expect on Route 1 in Biddeford this upcoming week. Please note that this is a projected schedule of what to expect and is subject to change due to weather, work progress and/or other circumstances.

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SeeingOrangeUpper Main Street:
The railroad on upper Main Street (past Elm Street) will be replacing a damaged rail section today, Monday, July 13. Road will be closed from Bradbury to Western Ave. Anticipated one day of work, with detours around the area. Continue reading…


Between July 7-14, Maine DOT will finish work on Elm Street (placing manhole covers, frames, and driveway butt joints, as well as conduit installations). Maine Water will finish final work on Elm/Cutts Street in this timeframe as well.
During this phase of construction, projects will be in isolated areas. Alternating traffic and short detours will be used.
The final stage of paving will then start approximately Wednesday, July 15. It is expected to be completed in two days.
To alleviate the traffic problems that will occur on Main Street due to the Elm Street detours, Maine DOT will be working with the Saco PD to turn off the traffic lights at Pepperell Square (at the top of York Hill, near the railroad tracks). They will use officers (not flaggers) to direct traffic through the intersection more efficiently. There will also be an officer to direct traffic at the intersection of Adams and Lincoln.



The first phases of construction on Elm Street have been completed. The street has been raised to its original grade and milled.

The sewer and water utilities will be raised this week and should be completed by July 7. This will clear the way for the final coat of pavement, which is set to be started the week of July 15, with no exact completion date set yet.

PrintThere’s an end in site for Elm Street construction! First coat of pavement today, then about five working days to raise the sewer and water structures to grade. Then final coat of pavement, weather permitting, taking about 2 days. ‪Expected completion July 3.

The contractor is working with the Police Department to develop and implement traffic control patterns to keep traffic moving and to facilitate the completion of the work as soon as feasible.

Local businesses on Elm Street remain open. Email HOB with your creative trek where you overcame obstacles to get to a business on Elm Street, and you will be entered to win a #SeeingOrange prize!


The construction of the water main on Elm Street by Maine Water is projected to be finished this week.*

DOT will begin paving next week, with three days of milling to commence on June 22.

City sewer projects on Adams, Lincoln, Center, and Elm street are projected to begin in two weeks. These are localized projects and should not require road closures.

*The new water main on Elm is projected to last 100 years! The project to install it however will not last 100 years, we promise.  #SeeingOrange #GoodVibes

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