Donut Club Minutes July 5th

Donut Club Minutes
Tuesday, July 5, 2016

1. Update from Linda Waters, Community Development Coordinator (CDBG)
-Biddeford has received entitlement funding for last 12 years, which mandates a 5 year plan, and an annual action plan.
-Linda implements those funds, and takes the city through the proper federal regulations.
-In Biddeford’s plan, 25% is for infrastructure.
-The sidewalk/lighting project in the 100’s blocks of Main Street continues the sidewalk project on lower Main Street.

-The project could go from Alfred to Adams/Lincoln on Main Street, depending upon how high the bids come in(note this season construction bids are generally coming in high).
-Sidewalk project was designed, public meetings have occurred, and plan approved by City Council. Project includes granite curbing, lighting, sidewalks, and in-ground trees.
-20 trees will be removed-16 will be replanted (2 may be salvageable for other locations). Some are dying, most are overgrown for the locations. Looking at concrete planters for some trees and well as foliage, and hope to put a few trees in planters as “pilot” program.
-Above-ground planters will not be continued. That is, trees will not be replanted in locations where above-ground planters currently are.
-The choice of the pavers in cross walks are being decided right now.
-The design has been sent to the State Historic Commission, per HUD regulations, in order to retain downtown’s historic character.
-There will be bump-outs at several crosswalks, with cobblestone, which will be set flush to the street level (not causing plowing or ADA problems).
-The project cost is approximately $250,000, plus the engineering and design. But, the precise project cost has yet to be determined by RANSOM.
-Bids will go out as soon as RANSOM gets design specs in (could be 2-3 weeks).
-Bids will be due 14 days later. Lowest most responsible bidder (eligible) gets chosen by Council.
(Linda will let HOB/DDC know when bids are out, and when contracts chosen.)
-Contracts will get signed as soon as Council approves.
-We’ll hold construction mitigation promotions during the construction process.
-Eventually the project should go all the way to Elm on Main Street, and Linda also hopes to include Shevenell Park.

2. Melanie from McArthur Public Library

-Exceptionally busy, summer reading, free lunch program
-Derek Volk, Thursday, Aug. 4, Chasing the Rabbit
-Kevin Gardner, construction of stone walls in New England, early September
-Collection development (adding books so there are plenty of books).

3. Don WinterHalter
Getting ready for tradeshow in Sept

4. Melanie Milazzo, USPS
-Works with small business/shipping
-Every Door Direct Mail available to small businesses to mail to various carrier routes (no mailing list required, demographics for that route are provided online). 17.6 cents/per piece; averages about $100 per route. 5000 maximum per day.

5. J&J Antiques
Summer hours: Tues-Sat., 10-5.

6. HOB
-Music in the Park, Wednesdays, 5:30-7, Shevenell Park. 8 weeks of music thanks to sponsorship from Bangor Savings
-Music on Main Street, sponsored and hosted by Biddeford Savings starts this Thursday, July 7 during lunch, with BBQ for $5.
-Check out Saco’s Music in the Parking Lot — Dyer Library— starting this Thursday, 6-8.
-Plans are well underway for Sept. 17 River Jam Festival. There will also be a Biddeford Saco Mayors’ Ball Sept. 16.
-Check out the Biddeford Boat Building Festival (hosted through Engine and the Compass Project).
-Lots more entertainment in various venues downtown each week (e.g., Elements, Engine, Cowbell, and Edge Bar, as well as a once/month comedy show at Banded Horn).

All are welcome to the Donut Club. It will not be held monthly, but word will go out when key topics needs to be discussed and we’ll still hold it on the first Tuesday of the month.

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