#SeeingOrange. Construction Season Begins!

Here’s the first installment of #SeeingOrange, a blogpost about construction in the downtown between (approximately) April 24-June 30. This is the information Heart of Biddeford has gathered from the City of Biddeford. We will update timelines as more information comes in!

Although it will seem like one large project, there are actually four separate projects coming up.

Project 1: Paving Prep, Started April 24 through approximately May 1
Maine Water is fixing and preparing their shut offs and gate valve boxes for upcoming paving operations. Since the work takes place in isolated locations along Main Street, traffic is routed around the sites.

Project 2: Shaw Brothers: Crosswalk Prep, Starting as soon as April 27 through approximately May 11
Excavating the crosswalk, bump out and design areas at City Square, York Street, and Alfred Street, to remove cobblestones and obstructions. During this time they may also lower the manholes in preparation for paving. Since the work takes place in isolated locations along Main Street, traffic is routed around the sites.

Project 3: Paving Project (also known as “Mill and Fill”): Starts when Project 2 is done. Expected to take a maximum of 10 working days, if weather is not prohibitive. May be complete by May 22. Current deadline is June 3, but construction company requesting deadline of June 15.
Paving work on Main Street starts at Elm Street, and moves toward Alfred Street.
Traffic control: alternating one-way. Detours if needed.
Parking will be affected in areas where paving is occurring.
Note: during paving, there are likely to be vibrations and rattling from the machinery. Businesses with fragile items should move items (e.g., China) to safe locations.

Project 4: Complete last year’s Sidewalk Project. Starts after Project 3 is done. Anticipated to take approximately one month.
Build crosswalks with pavers and cobblestones.


-Tree planting will occur some time this spring, not likely to impact traffic.
-The work on south Main Street (on the south side of Elm, heading toward the railroad tracks) is some pavement repair. Should be minimal impact.

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