The Little Things Mean a Lot

Are you enjoying the new mural at 265 Main Street, created by artist Julie Gray? She painted geometric shapes to form a backdrop for a monkey on a penny-farthing (bike). The monkey has an apple on his head. It’s a whimsical message about healthy living that adds a bit of beauty downtown. 

Substantial changes are happening in Biddeford in part due to the steady, incremental changes implemented by property and business owners, the City, collaborative organizations and volunteers. In this case, property owners David Flood and Caleb Johnson worked with Biddeford’s Public Art Committee (headed by Engine) to commission the mural. Funds from HOB’s “Healthy Maine Streets” grant and the City’s Main Street Makeover grant program (facilitated by HOB) helped make it possible to add this high quality mural downtown.

Maybe it’s a little thing. And, we can’t always show the direct economic impact of each downtown project. But the overall effect becomes more apparent each day! More retail shops are opening, two new restaurants are coming, and more evening events are happening! You’re enjoying the downtown more, helping to create jobs and even improve Biddeford’s tax base. And that means a lot!

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